Thursday, 18 April 2013

Mix: Thunder Guest Mix for Pop Your Funk

Pop Your Funk is a San Francisco based podcast and blog dedicated to "delving into the deeper side of electronic music and its roots". It's a veritable treasure trove of interesting stuff, from record reviews to interviews to the excellent in house podcasts to the range of great guest mixes, which over have featured the likes of John Heckle, Aybee, Placid and John Tedaja, amongst others.

Some these DJs have played at Thunder with me, Joe and Rick too, so we were pretty pleased to get the chance to have a Thunder mix up alongside theirs on such a clued up website, and I was equally pleased to get a chance to do teh mix.

You can stream the mix using the player below the tracklist and if you want to download it, just to click on the link over to Pop Your Funk >>HERE<<

Have a look round while you're there, it'll be worth your while!

Hieroglyphic Being – Ancient Echoes (The Gherkin Tribute Sessions 2003)
DJ Rush – I Wanna (Miles' Thunder Edit)
Henrik Schwarz – Chicago
Juju and Jordash – Coffin Train Getaway
O B Ignitt – Oh Jabba
Innerspace Halflife - Edo Tensai
The Outerlimit - Dance In A Daze (There Version)
Project Democracy - Is This Dream For Real? (Psychedub)
Ernie – Black and Grey
Phuture – We Are Phuture
Sound Stream – Inferno
Delano Smith - What I Do (Reconstructed By Mike Huckaby)
Recloose - Electric Sunshine (Andres Remix)
Brawther - Asteroids & Stardust (The Classic Revamp)
The Vision РShard̩