Sunday, 29 May 2011

Mix - DJ Nature, 1992 House Tape

Beyond the Stars heard from another old friend recently, DJ Nature, who I was luck enough to interview last year. Back home in New York he had unearthed an old mix tape he had made in late 1992 and he was kind enough to share it. It is absolutely brilliant and despite being almost 20 years old, is easily the best mix I have heard this year.

It actually coincides with my first trip to New York and includes many of the records I bought from places like Vinylmania and Eightball that November in 1992. But emotional attachment aside, it is a perfect snapshot in time of the truly golden era of New York house music, Nature’s selection is spot on and the mixing both creative and tight.

Nature has now made it available on Soundcloud for everyone’s listening pleasure - and I’ve had a go at cobbling together a tracklisting, with a few notable gaps which hopefully others can help fill in!

Dj.Nature_house tape 1992 pt.1 by dj nature


01 - Ellis D - My Loleatta (Dish Apella)
02 - ?? - ??
03 - Michael Watford - Holdin’ On
04 - ?? - ?? (love this one *NEED*)
05 - Aly-us - Follow Me
06 - MK - Burning (Gump mix)
07 - Dreamer G - I Got That Feelin’
08 - Instant Exposure – I Need A Little More
09 - Urban Soul - Alright
10 - Cajmere - Perculator
11 - Instant House - Over (Instrumental Remix)
12 - Green Velvet - Preacherman
13 - Dajae - Brighter Days
14 - Cover Girls - Wishing On A Star
15 - Djaimin - Give You
16 - Hermann - Tumblin’ Down
17 - MK - You Brought Me Love
18 - Karen Pollard - You Can’t Hurt Me
19 - Mission Control - Outer Limits
20 - Track Masters - The Basement Jam
21 - Trey Lorenz - Photographs of Mary
22 - Pal Joey - Drum Major Instinct
23 - Lectroluv - People Don’t Believe
24 - Lil’ Louis - Do U Love Me
25 - Cajmere - Coffee Pot
26 - Sax - Jazz Anthem
27 - Club Ice - Manhasset
28 - Jovonn - Flutes '92
29 - Sandy B - Makes Me Feel Like Singing

Hot Newness! Mark E - Stonebreaker Album

Back in early 2009, Beyond The Stars was lucky enough to be one of the first to interview Mark E, who hot on the back of the success of productions like ‘R+B Drunkie’ on Golf Channel and his edits on Jisco, was blowing up not just in the field of production but as a DJ too, with his very distinctive style and sound.

Mark was never comfortable with the association with edits, as his productions offered so much more in terms of originality and musical craft. Now, two years on, Mark can hopefully shake that monkey of his back for once and for all with the release of his first album, the fantastic ‘Stonebreaker’, on US label Spectral Sound.

The album is entirely original material with even a sniff of an edit, it takes in slo-mo house, sub-aquatic techno, and dream-like house, with the common denominator being the hypnotic feel Mark has made his trademark sound.

It a whole album worth of crackers. I think my favourite right now (will probably change tomorrow) is the Detroit-esque house cut ‘Oranges’ which you can check below.

If you like that and fancy a bit more in the same vein, you can purchase the Album on CD and vinyl from Juno buy clicking >>here<<

You might also want to check the fantastic mix Mark has done celebrate the record's launch, available to play and download below.

GhostlyCast #43: Mark E - Stone Wall Mix by ghostly

Friday, 27 May 2011

Mix - My First Love (for Six Million Steps Radio)

This is a mix I did when I guest on Andrew Panphlett’s show on Six Million Steps Radio. Andrew is a key member of Six Million Steps crew, who are a London-based collective of DJ's, record collectors, and enthusiasts of soulful black dance music. His show reflects this collective interest but Andrew is a also a fan of house music and encouraged me to do a straight house mix. Not that I need much encouragment! In 30 mins, it takes in more than 20 years of house, covering the influential cities of Chicago, Detroit, New York, Manchester, Berlin and Frankfurt. Mixed in one take with records, it’s quite fun.

Six Million Steps are still going strong and catch their radio shows, live and archived >>here<<