Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Mix - For Someone a Little Faster (for Rough Magazine)

In the run up to the last Thunder party, with Patrice Scott, super cool online fashion magazine, Rough, were kind enough to ask me to do the first mix for their recently launched venture. They also asked me a few questions about how rubbish I am at DJing and stuff.

Here's a bit of what I had to say about my best DJ performance ever, "One of the more memorable was Bam Bam in Birmingham... Bam Bam had a bit of reputation for slo-mo house (Mark E played there quite a bit), so I planned to take it down in a slo-mo style to start with, it was a plan I stuck with. Suffice to say the Bank Holiday party crowd weren’t up for the slo-mo shuffle and buggered off en mass next door to the pub to listen some bloke playing disco re-edits, leaving me with a handful of dancers..."

Good, eh? I also talk about the worst. You can find the whole thing on Rough Online >>here<<

And you can listen and/or download the mix using the player below. It's dead good. The mix that is, not the player.

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Danny said...

Typical Birmingham crowd