Sunday, 10 June 2012

UPDATE! Kenny Hawkes '25 Years of London House' Tee Shirt

The revised design for the Kenny Hawkes memorial '25 Years of London House' t-shirt is complete.

Based on the 'London House Tree' map of house club history in our fair city, which was drawn for Faith Fanzine in 2008, we've updated it to ensure it includes more recent developments in the club landscape and we've rectified a few omissions from the first time round too.

The tees will be available through The Original Store in the not too distant future and we hope to do a limited run of posters too - watch this space for updates.

Proceeds from the t-shirts will go towards some sort of memorial for Kenny. We hope it will be  something permanent like a bench in Brighton, possibly a  musical one, but there are many bureaucratic hurdles to clear to make that happen. We have our best people on it though and rest assured, one way or another, we will get there in the end.

You'll get a lovely a t-shirt and something to remember Kenny by too.


Keith said...

top idea Miles. Look forward to it

YvonneSedition said...

Let me know as soon as the t-shirt is ready, very interested in getting one : )

Stevee Beatz said...

love itlianoversi

Miles said...

Credit Roaul Galloway for making this happen, I'm just his design and marketing team ;)

Phil Perru said...

Let me know when there ready, Missed out first time round, the perils of living in OZ

Phil Perry