Friday, 8 June 2012

Hot Newness! New LoSoul on Hartchef Discos

Was out shopping for records yesterday evening and picked up this little bullet from Losoul.

I was first introduced to the work of Peter Kremeier, for that is LoSoul's real and less catchy name, through his remix of Holy Garage in 1996 (which you should buy if you ever see it), but what really hooked me was his stunningly deep 'Lies (Watch Your Lift)' on Playhouse 3 years later. It ended up on Classic in the UK and even though it's not unique to them, remains one of the label's strongest releases. In the mid noughties he went a bit minimal but still had some moments, like the DC10-tastic 'Cut So Sweet'. I'm not sure I've picked up any of his stuff since the end of the last decade though, when he seemed to drop of the radar, so it was good to see his music back in the record racks, albeit no longer on Playhouse.

The track itself is great and quite hard to describe. Driving drums, a huge bassline and 2006 era Mobilee style noises. Well wonky. Anyway, have a listen yourself and then you can make your own mind up!

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