Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Warehouse Top Tunes – Are HOUSE!

From the DJ Mag ‘History of House’ supplement in 1993, this top 100 from Chicago’s legendary Warehouse still looks pretty solid, despite the numerous listing, re-listing, dissection and reinvention of the history of those formative days of house music. Some of the more obscure selections also tally with play lists I’ve seen recounted by Warehouse goers since, like Persia for instance, so I think it’s a bit more accurate than Norman Cook’s Garage effort.

But like the New York club’s list, this proved invaluable to me back in the early 90s – in fact, I remember being chuffed to find ‘Put Your Body In It’, ‘Do You Want to Get Funky with Me’ and ‘In the Bush’ in Cash Convertor in Edmonton shortly after the list was published, and thinking I was THE disco don...


gridface said...

Seems pretty accurate based on what I've been able to figure out from mp3s of old tapes: http://www.gridface.com/features/frankie_knuckles_playlists.html

Miles said...

Hi Jacob, that archive is amzing! I've got those fanzines for you btw, I'll stick them in the post after payday.