Monday, 19 April 2010

Mix - An Old Mixtape from 1994

This is one side of a tape I did over 16 years ago, which I found when I recently moved house. The A side was influenced by trips to New York and the sound coming out of that city in 1993/94.

The B side owed more nights to Philip Salon's 'Mudd Club' which by then had moved to Bagleys and was full of council estate kids from the surrounding area. They never advertised the DJ and you got a flyer in the post if you were on the mailing list. Great production as well, almost like film sets.

The mix is a bit dodgy in places, I was still learning the ropes but I still thought I was Junior Vasquez - although I didn’t even have proper turntables, so this was done on puny belt driven hi-hi decks and some crappy 2 channel mixer, no EQ, not even gains… which led to some, erm, amusing mixing. Still, it’s a moment in time, so I thought I’d share.

You can listen to Side A by clicking play below:
Miles Mixx - 1994 tape, side A (Wild Pitch Stylee) by Miles Simpson

And if you're interested in Side B, you can find and stream it on my Mixcloud page here.

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