Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Greatest British Acid House Record Ever

No need to carry out any polls, count any votes or list any top tens for this, because there can only be one.

Sung by one 80s pop legend and produced by a group of different 80s pop legends,who were thrown togther at Shoom, this record still evokes memories of dancing in sweaty Dickensian basements, ponchos, strawberry flavoured smoke, strobe lights, thinking we could change the world, hot Sundays on Clapham Common, bringing down the walls, Chipie t-shirts and dungarees, dancing with the devil, lucozade, making friends with people you would have never spoken to, calling people ‘matey’, the sun rising, the second summer of love and not being able to believe it could ever end... even if you were never actually there.

Ask any DJ in the world and pretty much anyone who attended a party in the late ‘80s, and to a man (or woman) they will tell you that ex-Frankie Goes to Hollywood member, Paul Rutherford’s, A.B.C produced, acid house masterpiece has never and will never be surpassed.

Are U Happy? Get Real.

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