Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Video: The Evil Acid Baron Show

This video has pretty much legendary status, released in 1988, as what was apparently the first acid house related VHS.

The project was the brainchild of video artists Mark McClean and Colin Scott, collectively known as Stakker, and was based around what felt like earth shatteringly ground breaking computer generated psychedelic visuals and some of the most exciting and innovative house music around at the time. “The Evil Acid Baron Show" video is the final shoot of this project. It's a 30 minute psychedelic trip along the wildest frontier of acid house, with music like Pierre's Pfantasy Girl ‘Dream Girl’, Tyree ‘Acid Over’, Adonis ‘The Poke’, Cool House ‘Rock This Party Right’, S-Express ‘Superfly Guy Acid Remix’ and Baby Ford ‘Oochy Koochy. Combined with the visuals, more than 24 years ago, this felt like it was beamed direct from another planet.

Stakker also teamed up with Brian Dougans, who went on to find success with Future Sound Of London, to produce British acid house classic, Stakker Humanoid, the video for which also feature the duo’s skills.

The video tapes themselves are rarer than hens teeth these days, so if you ever see one, let me know! It is, howvere, on youtube:

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Anonymous said...

I own one. Although it has a production glitch the right channel is almost muted.