Sunday, 10 April 2011

Jamie Principle 'Baby Wants To Ride' (Beyond The Stars Swedit) - WAV Download

Some years ago, I picked up this obscure Swemix version of Jamie Principle’s Chicago staple, ‘Baby Wants To Ride’ in the 50p basement of Record and Tape. Mixed by Stonebridge in 1989 and apparently limited to 1000 copies, when I dropped the needle in the groove for the first time, I was pleased to with what I heard, smutty vocals to fore and jackin’ beats… for about 2 mins, then it became apparent that Mr Stonebridge had just bought a new sampler and boy was he gonna use it, mutilating the track with an avalanche of pointless ‘Uhh-uhh-babies’ and ‘Give It To Thems’, along with a really rubbish wet squelching acid bassline.

So it went on the shelf with all the other ‘I might round to editing that one day (but won’t)’ records never to be played again.

Things turned out a little differently this time though. Through a Trax edit competition I got talking to London based acid house producer Neville Watson about it and he offered to give me a hand having a go at sorting it out. So, one afternoon I popped round and we got busy chopping it up.

Essentially, it’s meant to be in the style of an old tape edit, cut and spliced together. There are no new bits, just new arrangement and effects added here and there to the old bits. The original is quite busy so we were limited to what we could use, but hey, that didn’t stop Ron Hardy with ‘Peaches and Prunes’!

The finished article is half decent - but that is mainly down to Neville, his technical ability, finely tuned ear, creative mind and ability figure out what the bleeding heck I was going on about most of the time.

You can check it below and also Neville’s own production on his Soundcloud page >>here<<

Follow the link to download.

Baby Wants To Ride - Beyond the Stars Swedit (Me & Neville Watson) by Miles Simpson

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