Monday, 15 September 2008

Those Obscure Objects of Desire (pt.1) – Mojuba Box Set

This is the first in a occasional series of rambles about stuff that will defintely improve my quality of life (well maybe) and in all likelihood, probably can't afford. Kicking things off, I am currently lusting after something I definitely can't afford, the super limited edition Mojuba Records Box Set

Mojuba are one of the new wave of German house labels operating out of Berlin, eschewing the more minimal sound associated with that part of the world, for a fuller deep house sound. Deep house, you say? That's kind of boring… Well not in this case, it's an updated and thoroughly modern take on the sound, with the undoubted jewel in the label's crown being the utterly fantastic Oracy, whose 'Hold Me' is one of the best house tracks of 2008.

To add to the mystique and appeal to the train spotter in every record collector, each release is first available on very limited coloured vinyl, before becoming more widely available on normal vinyl but with each of the paper sleeves of these initial runs adorned with a small hand cut fabric patch. Later runs just have a sleeve stamp.

This sort of thing shouldn't make me excited but it does!

Then to make matters worse, they've only gone and released a lush, super limited box set, bringing the first 9 releases together with a special limited edition disc that is otherwise only available from the label itself. The box set is pressed up on clear vinyl with all the original label stamps, and gorgeous packaging.

And it's not just a pretty box, the music is outstanding. However, I've got many of the records included and the pretty box has sold it to me! Unfortunately, they only made 111 copies and they were only available through Mojuba direct sale… and I didn't get one.

Hey-ho. Here's a few short clips to give you idea of what I'm on about - click on the track you want to play:

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