Monday, 18 June 2012

Hot Newness! Disco Bloodbath Records

Five years after Disco Bloodbath threw their first party in a the basement of a Caribbean social club, on a back street in Hackney, and unwittingly kick-started the East London disco explosion, whilst defining the blueprint for small scale, high octane Dalston basement raves, this week sees the launch of the new Disco Bloodbath record label.

And the first release is maybe not what the casual observer would be expecting, as Bloodbath resident Damon Martin delivers a brooding house thumper that is far removed from the mirror ball sparkle associated with the disco sound.

But then Disco Bloodbath was never actually a disco club per se, although many people have suffered under that misapprehension. Taking its name from the James St. James book about New York club kid, murderer, and general fruitcake, Michael Alig, rather than the sound track of New York in the late 70s, you have always been just a likely to hear Blake Baxter and David Morales as you were Jimmy Bo Horne and Denis Parker at a Bloodbath party.

So, not only is Damon’s release a true reflection of what makes the boys tick, it’s a declaration of intent for the label.

The record itself, ‘That Ain’t Right’, comes in three versions. The A Side sees Damon weave the vocal hook, sourced from a lesser known Garage classic, into a deep and throbbing backing track that has the sort of rawness you might have heard coming out of Brooklyn in 1990. It works perfectly, so perfectly I had to double check the vocal wasn’t original, and it’s a sound that is so right for right now – a nod to the past but still fresh and exciting. If Nu groove was still putting out music, it would probably sound like this.

On the flip, the stand out remix is from Beyond The Stars’ good friends, the Legendary Children, who invoke memories of some of the finer music from the Windy City, with their driving, the acidic version that showcasing their maturing production skills and more importantly, their ear for what makes a party go-bang.

Waze and Odyssey, who are new to Beyond The Stars, chip in a nicely loopy version too, which adds the final touch to well rounded and genuinely excellent debut release for the label – and there are soundclips below of all 3 mixes to give you taster.

The package will hit the shops in vinyl form first of all, hopefully in the next few days, with a digital version to follow in a few weeks for the luddites that are mucking around with computers and stuff.

Then next month should see a second release, this time from ‘Hand Plant’ who Ben describes as a “mysterious duo” and who Damon describes as “Ben and Sam Watts from Maxxi Soundsystem”, with future releases and remixes lined up from G&S (aka Nadia Ksaiba and Matt Waites). Capracara, Hardway Bros and Jamie Blanco.

It's an auspicious start and is pretty much underground club music is about in 2012. Get on it.

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